fix(debug): Removed debug

Signed-off-by: Stuart McCulloch Anderson's avatarStuart McCulloch Anderson <>
parent 2fca0243
......@@ -39,7 +39,6 @@ class Minecraft extends Delivery
$this->getAppClass()->getDatabase()->insert($this->getAppClass()->getSetting("db_prefix", null, false) . "minecraft", ["username" => $minecraftUsername, "command" => $recordReward['reward'], "delivery" => "pending"]);
$this->getAppClass()->getErrorRecording()->postDatabaseQuery($this->getAppClass()->getDatabase(), ["METHOD" => __METHOD__, "LINE" => __LINE__]);
nxr(0, $this->getAppClass()->getDatabase()->last());
} else {
nxr(0, "User doesnt have a Minecraft Username");
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